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Some comments about Avi Lehrer's paintings
San Francisco countryside
"...a fine achievement" - Sir Nicholas Grimshaw CBE, (then) President, Royal Academy, London
"Amazing atmosphere! Bravo!" - Alberto Oliveira, Sao Paulo, Brazil
"This painting reminds me of the early Diebenkorn.....good work" - Josef Ralt, Tel Aviv-Yafo

In the Pub
Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy London 2018 - "...a parody of Degas" Daily Telegraph 6 June 2018

Water Lillies
"Bello......bellissimo" - Fabiola Barna, Sienna, Italy

Fat Lady Bending
"Beautiful!!! I love these wonderful forms" - Linda Armstrong, Grand Junction, Colorado USA

Vancouver Sunset
"Bellissimi colri, immagine suggestiva" - Gian Luca Citi, Italy